During your stay at Dar Louisa, Morocco

Imagine walking through the dusty lanes of ‘Old Taroudant’: the walled city known to many as the ‘mini-Marrakech’. A little retreat in Morocco. The Housekeeper is wheeling your suitcases along a dry, African passage. You arrive at a grey front door and open it. You walk into a striking secret. A gently-lamp-lit courtyard, feeling the warm air on your skin and seeing a beautiful small fountain; gurgling its waters smoothly on a channel and funnelling gracefully into a tantalisingly tranquil pool.  You can see the reflection of the fruit trees in the waters; you look around the border of the garden and catch sight of ripened bananas and papayas dripping from the fruit trees, exotic bougainvillea, palm trees – there are even a few small tortoises trekking the plant beds and chameleons hiding amongst the leaves. The evening garden scent is irresistible. Imagine you’re exhausted, you’ve just got off a flight, but now you’ve hit paradise.

During your stay at Dar Louisa, Morocco, you will be looked after by the Mohamed, the House-keeper and Fatima, the chef.  All your meals are prepared daily by Fatima.  Please do let her know your dietary preferences, she is a fabulous cook and will prepare local dishes using seasonal ingredients famous throughout Morocco.   There is a small supply of wine & beer in the house and this is the only thing you have to pay for on top of what is already paid. DH75 per bottle, Red, white or Rose;  The price of a can of beer varies, Mohamed will let you know.   You can’t buy any alcohol locally so its a good idea to stock up from the supermarket in Agadir if you go there, and/or arrive with some duty free!

Mohamed is incredibly helpful and is on hand to arrange any excursions you could dream of!  He will guide you through the souks, always a good idea for first timers, arrange picnics in the mountains, horse riding on the beach, hamman in Dar Louisa, what ever you desire!  Please do make the most of his local knowledge and expertise.

During your stay all your meals are prepared for you, your washing will be done, your rooms kept clean and your every whim catered for, in return, in Morocco, it is customary to tip the house staff.